How did the global COVID outbreak sparked interest in becoming a Digital Nomad?

Have you considered pursuing a career as a digital nomad? According to data, 75% of employees would leave their current jobs to work for the company as a digital nomad.

What exactly does It mean to be a Digital Nomad?

A digital nomad is a completely self-independent person who generates money online using commonplace technologies like laptops and mobile phones and travels and moves around the world on a daily basis.

Many people throughout the world are growing more comfortable working from home and in their own comfort because of the global COVID pandemic closing many businesses and offices. Individuals have noticed that working from home or in a familiar environment enhances their productivity at work. They can also be more flexible with their working hours and have more freedom, which makes them happier.

However, because the global pandemic has shut a lot of office as previously mentioned, it gives employees the freedom to travel to certain locations, as travelling to other countries is starting to open and as some countries are getting in the green zone, you will be able to travel to countries like Bali, we’ve mentioned this location because this destination is great for digital nomad workers and its tailors to everyone’s interest. Like this Bali city guide, we’ve got all the information you need to live a happy digital nomad life.


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